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Planet 21

Intrinsically linked to sustainable development, the name PLANET 21 refers to Agenda 21, the action plan adopted by 173 Heads of State at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. It also echoes the urgent need to focus efforts in the 21st century to change our production and consumption patterns with the goal of protecting our planet, its people and their environment.

With Planet 21, we have made 21 commitments in favour of sustainable development.

Health, nature, carbon, innovation, local development, employment and dialog: 21 commitments for the well-being of our world.

In all our hotels, we work with employees, guests and partners to reinvent hotels – sustainably.

Care for the planet?

Please, step in. Click here to download Planet 21 Sustainability Policy

2013 Accor Singapore’s Planet 21 Day programme.

Accor employees (Singapore) planted 160 trees at the Singapore Chinese Garden on 19 April 2013 as part of Accor Singapore’s Planet 21 Day programme. PLANET 21 is a new initiative created to redefine Accor’s frontiers as an environmental leader in a competitive and often unsustainable hotel industry. It was founded upon Accor’s pioneering spirit of innovation and conquest and aims to reinvent hospitality into a service that is sustainable, responsible and innovative.