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Wedding Planning on a Budget – Simple and Frugal Wedding Ideas

Phoenix Grand Ballroom at Novotel Singapore Clarke QuayWeddings require a lot of hard work, attention to details, and money. Yes, weddings are expensive that some would even go through the whole nine yards just to make the events “memorable.” However, when your wedding day arrives, don’t you want to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event knowing that the ceremony and reception are not going to put you in hock for the next five years?

Can you actually have the wedding of your dreams without spending your entire life savings? Here are some ideas that will let you walk down the aisle with grace, joy, and even fun without breaking the bank:

Be creative. Create your own wedding website and send your save-the-dates and invitations online. Ask guests to RSVP online as well. If you should send out printed invitations, get single-page invites to save on postage.

Consider renting a gown. Renting a wedding gown is definitely a big money saver and will let you allocate more budget to other expenditures. There are a lot of beautiful designer rental gowns available – you just have to spend time and make the effort to find them.

Involve family members or close friends. Wedding planners can cost you an arm and a leg, so why not appoint one or two close friends or family members as coordinators? Having a trusted helper/point person during the planning process can take some stress off the day of the event and save you some money.

Go DIY with your wedding music. Nothing beats live music at a wedding ceremony and reception, but sometimes it’s just not an economic reality. Instead of having a full band setup or a wedding singer at the reception, why not plan the soundtrack of your own wedding? Yes, you can DJ your own wedding with the help of an iPod/MP3-player or a laptop and a tech-savvy friend who will ensure that the speakers remain connected and the songs are played in the proper order. Check if the wedding venue provides a basic sound system or PA speakers. If not, you can always rent or ask the wedding venue for a list of their audio suppliers.

Check wedding packages early. It is recommended to book as soon as possible as the sooner you book, the greater the chance of confirming your preferred date, time, and venue. Many couples book a year or more before their wedding. In most cases, making an early booking will be cost effective. Most wedding venues in Clarke Quay, for instance, have created a number of banquet wedding packages for you to choose from, catering to events of all sizes and budgets. What’s more, you might be able to lock in lower rates than if you waited until closer to your wedding date.

Visit bridal fairs. Wedding shows have always been the best way for any bride-to-be to see several wedding vendors in one place, in one afternoon, and gather ideas for their wedding day. Sample food, try gowns, take time to talk to the suppliers, and let them know what you want on your wedding. Many vendors will even offer special discounts only available by visiting their bridal show booth.

Offer a limited bar. Since most wedding venues in Clarke Quay charge for every bottle opened, consider offering a limited bar. Choose a signature cocktail (or a series of signature cocktails) that use one type of liquor. Better yet, just serve beer to the guests.

Have a small cake. You can have a smaller cake on display that’s used for cutting, and then have a sheet cake in the kitchen for serving, as more and more hotels are already employing this practice.

Use one kind of flowers in your bouquets and arrangements. This will not only bring a chic one-color look to your event, but it will also save you some money since your florist will need to place only one bulk order.

Add a personal touch. Make your own wedding favors. Edibles are the most appreciated so if you have time, whip up your grandma’s famous macaroons or make your own chocolate-covered almonds. You can even go traditional by giving away tau sar piah to your guests. As part of its standard operating procedure, the hotel may request you to sign an indemnity form since the edible wedding giveaways were not prepared in the hotel’s kitchen.